Conference Programme

Some 25 keynote lectures and about 30 oral contributions will highlight the newest trends and latest developments in the field of homogeneous catalysis. As a special event, this year’s edition will also feature a symposium dedicated to the late Bob Grubbs, a giant in the field and a defining member of the ISHC series. ISHC 2024 will encompass all aspects of homogeneous catalysis, including (but not limited to) small molecule and strong bond activation, (de)polymerization, biocatalysis and catalysis in confined space, energy-related catalysis (circular economy), computational and machine learning, mechanism and kinetics, asymmetric catalysis and photocatalysis.

ISHC 2024 will be a single-session symposium with ample opportunities for discussion and interaction with leaders in the field, both from academia and industry, including vibrant poster sessions.

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